These are incredibly exciting and difficult times in the Exopolitical world. While it appears that there is some negativity and chaos descending upon the Exopolitical and Truth community, at the same time we are witnessing a new level of UFO sightings that seem to validate the predictions of NORAD officer Stanley Fulham and others regarding ET intervention by a particular ‘Federated Authority’.  All of this likely indicates a stormy period over the short-term, with a lot of upheaval and change.

What I’ve tried to do with this blog is to look at the overall picture and to try to see patterns and trends. What I see now is a splintering and tension within the Exopolitical web community that may portend the Mainstream Media taking over the issue. There is also an uptick in a certain brand of UFO sightings and an apparent ‘war’ of influence between ETs and the PTB. According to some, this war has a ‘hot’ element that we’re not privy to. In addition, many (even prominent) people see the world economy as verging on collapse, regardless of the rosey outlook perpetrated by CNBC. I’ll try to relate all these elements – for they are certainly linked.

Arguments Within Exopolitics

One of the most unfortunate occurrences has been an argument between two of the most notable proponents of Exopolitics – Alfred Webre and Michael Salla. I find this bickering unfortunate, although certainly both sides of the dispute obviously feel the other has been wronged. This could be indicative of a newly negative environment that will fracture Internet leaders and set the stage where the mainstream media will begin to take control of the narrative of UFOs. Whether or not you believe that either Salla or Webre are ‘mind controlled’ is irrelevant; they have certainly taken a more negative tone with each other. All of this may just reflect human frustration, as an increasingly overwhelming number of sightings are being logged on the web in such a way as to stretch any one individual’s ability to comprehend exactly what is happening. One thing is for sure, Stanley Fulham’s prediction of an increased uptick in UFO activity is certainly coming true (see ‘The Sightings’ below).

Other events reflect an overwhelmed and chaotic conspiracy community: the split between the founders of Project Avalon, Internet stalking problems at GodLike Productions, and others. As the Truth-oriented web landscape shifts, the purchase of the Huffington Post (who have often posted UFO-related and/or contrarian articles) by AOL shows how independent media on the web may be bought outright in an attempt to capture the audience that the alternative web seems to be harnessing. Further, business leaders at the Global Competitiveness Forum have been briefed on UFO reality and are beginning to think about how to react to (and profit from?) an evolving extraterrestrial presence. Expect to see more UFO and alien images appear in advertising, as well as accelerated announcements that Kepler has found yet more Earth Worlds.

Along those lines, the Jerusalem UFO sightings, which may indeed be an elaborate hoax, an example of how the longings of individuals for truth are being co-opted by (what appears to be) a viral marketing campaign – in this case, for a movie. This kind of cynical manipulation may not succeed in getting audiences to see the alien invasion movie ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ in that most in the UFO community don’t want to think our ET friends are about to attack. Moreover, such movies may be overshadowed by the real deal as UFO activity continues an uptick across the world. The question becomes: is there a real ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ taking place?

Some of my felt and intuitive response to these recent changes, influenced viscerally by mass animal deaths across the globe, are anxious and tense. It does indeed seem as though a war of sorts is taking place, although I see no guns, no armies, and no men in black suits taking away people at night.

What is happening? According to David Wilcock, even as Egypt revolts the ETs are dismantling the Black Ops technology created by the US shadow government (this has also been corroborated by Sheldon Nidle). According to Wilcock and Nidle, there is an ET hot war, even if a one-sided one. I would add that this ET activity is likely non-violent in that it probably doesn’t involve any loss of life, but is simply de-activating or dismantling what they see as negative capabilities of the PTB, as has been demonstrated by ETs in the past when they have temporarily de-activated nuclear arms. Sheldon Nidle has communicated this is a process that involves the dismantling of ‘Dark Cabal’ technologies used to manipulate humanity. In tandem, the economic infrastructure is also being stressed and many are seeing financial collapse on the horizon. According to Nidle, this is a prelude for First Contact.

The primary religion of this planet, as many already know, is money. However, it is a religion whose days are numbered. In short, we are seeing a devolution of the world financial system, to the point where many are saying the current, debt-driven system can no longer be sustained. I tend to agree. The question becomes: what replaces the system once it collapses? As the ET presence infringes upon the PTB, there may indeed be several factions vying for control, and subsets of those factions may moreover be aligned with ET groups. And a majority of this competition, assuming it exists, is conducted covertly, though manipulation and influence.

End Game Upon Us?

As stated in previous blogs, we may be in an end game that has in fact been accelerating recently but been building for at least sixty years, prompted by the advent of modern computer technologies, overpopulation, environmental degradation, and nuclear armaments. We may have reached a point where the galactic community has made a decision to intervene in Earth, but the reality of that intervention remains unknown to most people, and will remain so until official disclosure. Moreover, it is unclear if this intervention is in conjunction with Earth factions, or is being countered by Earth factions in an attempt to confuse people as to what is ‘real’ and what is ‘fake’ regarding the UFO phenomena. In point of fact, both may be happening simultaneously. To be sure, as long as people are convinced the recent UFO phenomena could be fake, the PTB who wish to counter ET influence will gain a window of time to ponder their options. As this unfolds, what that time might be will be shorter and shorter. Eventually, actions may be taken by the PTB will be taken to gain a few months or weeks of time in order for them to maintain a sense of control. It is not unlike the end of WWII, where German leaders were hunkered down in Berlin, doing whatever they could to forestall the inevitable.

On a geo-political and regional level, these ‘factions’ within the world appear to be the North American-Euro-Japan faction and the Russian-Chinese-South American faction (from an economic standpoint, ‘developed’ vs. ‘emerging’ economies). Further, within these regional groups there will likely evolve subgroups who will embrace or at least condone the alien intervention, and others that will fight against it as ‘Sovereign Earth Democrats’. In a multi-tiered game in which very few see the larger picture, ‘business as usual’ will continue even as the existing system crumbles. World leaders who are in the know may indeed find themselves within a vice. Economic woes pressure them from below; an ET presence pressures from ‘above’. Moreover, a meta-structure of ‘globalists’ also comes into play; this group is most interested in keeping global capitalism moving on track, and that very much includes a military industrial complex that apparently has in its possession alien technology and wants the fear of terrorism – whether perpetrated from people or from other worlds – to continue to reign supreme. But again, according to David Wilcock and Sheldon Nidle, much of this technology is being destroyed by ETs.

The bottom line is that the hubris of (mostly) men in power may at this point be stretched and near and end game. Many in power realize, I believe, their time is up. They are positioning themselves for a place in the new world. Some believe that cashing out on the collapse is the only viable strategy; but the status of fiat (computer and paper-based) money is very much in question, and wealth amassed in this fashion very tenuous. So what place the PTB will have remains unsure; they do not know the culture or temperament of the new ET partners in the new landscape, or if human beings will even have the same level of political and/or financial control they do now. Like a patient put into rehab, the human race may be viewed by ETs as somewhat pathological and in need of emergency treatment and therapy.  Or, if humans evolve quickly, perhaps as the result of awakenings occurring throughout the world such as just seen in Egypt, we may become worthy co-creators of a new world, working in partnership with our new ET friends. As such, a radical intervention may occur and we may (for example) co-create newly constructed mega cities, based on an entirely new economy and technologies, while much of the Earth is allowed to return to pristine wilderness. Perhaps China’s ‘ghost cities’ portend this change – perhaps many more such cities will be built across the globe, and we will find ourselves living in them as our inefficient and eco-damaging suburbs are razed and let return to their natural state.

Alternatively, some impending catastrophic event(s) may prompt an ‘evacuation’ and Earth Changes will take care of any ‘cleansing’ of the Earth. At some point the Earth may be surrounded by Ark Ships that ask us to decide: do we go or stay? This may be the real judgment day – not God judging us, but us making a decision.

The Sightings

What is interesting about recent sightings, much of which seems to corroborate what Stanley Fulham predicted, is that the craft often appear in ‘fleets’ similar to what was seen over Washington DC in 1952 (see picture to the right). This particular formation generally has eight to eleven craft. Other times there are ‘flotillas’ of a large number of craft (perhaps with smaller groups coalescing, such as in a military battalion). A well-known example of such a flotilla was seen in Mexico in 2004. As for the smaller groupings, a similar formation to 1952 was also seen in 2004  by the Mexican Airforce, in 2008 in San Diego and more recently (2011) in Mexico, South America (ChilePeru), in New York, Florida, Paris, and Taiwan. These images are more or less consistent, and seem related. The original Fulham prediction sighting in New York entailed more craft, as have others, particularly in Mexico. My sense is that this particular brand of ET intervention could very well involve, per Fulham, the human-like ‘Pleiadians’ as the primary interface and might be in response to another colonization attempt by another, non-human group, known as the Verdants (most likely a faction of the so-called Greys). There is some corroboration to Fulham from Sheldon Nidle, who states the 2004 Mexican Airforce sightings were at least partially Pleiadian in origin and part of a ‘standard formation’ that included eight Pleiadian craft and three from other races.

There is, and will likely continue to be, a faction of UFO community (and eventually wider society) that believes the whole Alien intervention is a government psyops of massive proportions, aimed at creating a world government. When certain sightings show a more ‘flashy’ or ‘light show’ appearance I can see the point – these in fact may be generated by military psyops. Those sightings aside, I can’t believe this is entirely psyops; what I do believe is that there are (as many in Exopolitics describe) coalitions between certain ETs and a subset of world governments and the Military Industrial Complex. Also I do also believe there may be psyops involved in a subset of sightings, with ‘Project Bluebeam’-like displays (i.e., perhaps Shadow government sponsored and ‘fireworks’ like), with recent examples over California (Santa Monica, Lake Elsinore). Because of the different varieties of ET sightings, it would be very useful for a serious effort be made to categorize them. As far as I know that has not been done. This is where blogs diverge from serious research.

In my mind, the most recent, and probably final, intervention could represent a compromise strategy between various ET civilizations – perhaps the Verdants and others – known to Fulham as ‘The Council of Eight’. Let’s all hope the intent is compassionate – I do believe this group feels so, although the agenda(s) may in reality be quite mixed among the various races represented by the Council. I do believe that the so-called ‘Pleiadians’ – per Stanley Fulham – may eventually be the human-like primary interface between Earth and the ET ‘federation’ that reached a compromise solution for Earth Intervention (AKA, ‘High Council approval’) and will make themselves more and more known throughout 2011 and into 2012.

Alternatively, it could be that the formations of various craft as described above represent just one of many groups that have visited the Earth; but it is this group is associating itself with a ‘revelation’ and with flybys over major cities – and remains relatively uncensored on the Internet (I’m pretty convinced a lot of videos of sightings are censored, even in the US). Interestingly, the Stanley Fulham predictions were emphatic about flybys over Moscow and London in early 2011 – neither of which happened, according to Michael Salla, in a credible way (although there was apparently sightings in Moscow and London they did not define what Salla would term a ‘UFO wave’). It was this lack of significant, undeniable activity in early 2011 is what began the fracture between Salla and Webre (with Webre arguing there were credible sightings, particularly one on January 15th in Moscow), with some tangential grievances aired by Webre toward Richard Boylan. As for the mixed success of Fulham’s predictions – is there a mind game being played? And for what purpose? Was Fulham a dupe, or was he killed by Black Ops (he died of cancer in late 2010)? My sense is that we are either descending into a chaotic situation, or there are forces intentionally confusing first the Exopolitical community, and eventually the masses. Whether or not this confusion succeeds only time will tell.  It certainly is stretching this writer’s imagination and rationality. Perhaps such feelings of chaos precede a ‘common narrative’ that will be soon be told by the Mainstream Media. Certainly many in the UFO community may welcome such a narrative, regardless of whether it provides a complete picture. If no such cohesive narrative (or attempt at one) emerges, individuals will need to put together the pieces themselves, listening to competing explanations in an ever more chaotic Exopolitical landscape.

New Media Reality after Disclosure

Once the recent UFO presence can no longer be denied, and as a result the proverbial Disclosure $&@! hits the fan, the mainstream media, not Mssrs. Salla and Webre, will attempt to take command as mediators of the new reality. Unfortunately, they lack the insights of these men, and others. I do feel that there will continue to be attempts to control Internet content related to the ETs so that the mainstream media can keep everyone ‘on the same page’ regarding what is occurring, and that the ET narrative is controlled closely by the PTB. This may, in fact, be the one area that the PTB feel that they can control and begin to forge a place for themselves at the table for the New Earth reality. In other words, it is the beliefs of people that they may now seek to control and influence, rather than their pocketbooks. Just as the Caesars of Rome morphed into the Papacy, so the Business Scions and Politicians of our present time may morph into the New Age Priests. For one, in the new ET reality, ‘business’ and money may not even exist as we know it. The old god – Mr. Washington on the dollar bill – will be replaced (or so the PTB hope) by a New Media God that can be used to influence humanity for or against our new ET visitors. It is here that RT will butt up against ABC news in a new media world vying to move us this way or that. Eventually, spirituality could form around this media, much like church denominations. Will the ETs influence this? They may, they may not. They may consider it ‘Internal Earth Politics’ and outside of their domain. Or, as stated previously, we may become active partners with the ETs in co-creating a new world.  Time will tell.

In the short-term, as Exopolitics shifts more to the mainstream, Internet provocateurs, many of whom are altruistic and honest in their demeanor, must (according to the PTB) be co-opted, disenfranchised, discredited or ignored. They will be replaced by those that the PTB feel they can control. The psyops game now may be to fracture and discredit those on the Internet attempting to tell the truth by flooding chat rooms with dis-info stupidity, putting up ET hoax viral videos that discredit the ET reality of offer alternative versions of ET ‘truth’, and so on. Some of this ‘dis-info’ will just be confusion, and will happen on its own due to the chaotic nature of events. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That said, I’d love to be proved wrong if being proved wrong means a better world.

At this point the situation warrants we literally take fast-moving events a day at a time. And due to the chaos, at some point an overwhelmed humanity will open its arms to the ET presence, hoping for a savior.  Or if we awaken enough, we will find new opportunities, and seek equal partnerships in the wider galactic community, and co-create a world free of the restrictions of the past.  It is this hopeful scenario we can look forward to, but only if we awaken to it.

As is usual in life, the reality will likely be different from what we expect. It may, in fact, be much better.

We Are Ready For ETs

November 21, 2010

Having just finished Stanley Fulham’s book, Challenges of Change, I wanted to post a few comments regarding both Fulham’s book and the wider exopolitical debate he prompts one to consider. First, it must be said I think Fulham is a sincere man after the truth. He is of the generation that fought World War II, and possesses a certain integrity found within that generation. Moreover, this makes him a good proponent of the world view and narrative put forth in Challenges of Change. I’ll explain why in a bit.

As I’ve said in other posts, I think we’re in a transitional phase were we might have several narratives competing for our attention regarding ET reality, a competition that may well tear human culture apart, much like the Aztecs were torn apart after the Spaniards landed on their soil.  At the end of the day, we must go through the process, however, because there is no longer, in my mind, an alternative.

The multidimensional world is complex, with levels and perspectives that are often contradictory and in conflict with one another as varying aspects of reality seek to express itself in a variety of ways.  This is particularly true with ‘channeled’ material, which is the primary source of Fulham’s  work.  

An overview of the vast amounts of channeled information leads one to conclude, like in a divorce case, that somebody must be lying,  even while everyone believes they are telling the truth. A better description might  be that all channeled information is a perspective that may be true in a certain dimensional framework of reality, and that in fact a core aspect of multidimensionality is that possible realities exist in infinite range, and that channeled information merely reflects this.

I’d like to reflect for a moment on the nature of Channeled material and also of Consensus Reality, for I think both are important to putting material such as Challenges of Change in perspective. Then I’ll talk a little about how I believe the ETs feel humanity is ready for their reality, and what we can do to get there.

Channeling In Perspective

Channelers often reflect the audience they are channeling to. My sense is that there is a relationship between channeler and listener(s), like there is a relationship between an actor and an audience, where an actor will give a somewhat different interpretation every night. So with channeled information, my sense is that the biases, beliefs, pre-conceptions, weaknesses and strengths of the person pulling the channeled information from the channel will greatly impact the channel.

Moreover, the channel him or herself may in turn color the information. So with Fulham, the world view expressed in Challenges of Change reflects his particular biases and beliefs. There is no ‘objective’ truth in this scenario, but a co-creation, much as a theatrical experience is co-created between artists and audience. Some could argue, in fact, that channeling and internet realities created by cross-fertilization of channeled information are more like collaborative theatrical events than reality, and they might not be far off. But that’s for another blog.

On a deeper level, the main thrust of multidimensionality is, in fact, its lack of consistency that is rife with paradox, and the ‘theater’ is really our mind.  There is no ‘one’ reality, or if there is ‘one reality’ it is one in a way that is multifarious, infinite, and contradictory. There certainly is no one expression of ‘truth’, as all truth is relative and, as Fulham points out beautifully, a matter of experience more than anything else.

The question becomes, what do you want to experience? Experience will then unfold for you in its own unique way within your own consciousness. Ultimately, however, it does seem that we collectively decide on a consensus that both allows us to function and provides the basis for a shared reality. And if there is one ‘true’ reality, it is beyond language and the relative world(s); it is the mystical Real known as the Void, Source, the Atman, and other terms — it is here that Oneness exists.


As for Fulham’s book, many will claim it is disinformation aimed at fooling people into accepting an ET agenda. This may be the case – but the agenda may still be, on balance, a compassionate one. But from another perspective, Challenges of Change may just reflect Fulham’s own desire to know and understand in a way that is does not disturb his own preconceptions of reality.

As a WW II veteran, for example, he may not want to question that the United States is a ‘good’ country and may have (or at least factions within) orchestrated the 9-11 events. But it could be argued that all wars are, in a sense, manipulations of peoples and nations toward conflict – there is no ‘good war’ from this perspective. For just as my father marched to WWII fully believing in the cause even as IBM and other American companies were working secretly with Hitler, so radical Muslims march toward War with the West, although they may in fact being manipulated by the West (meaning the Military Industrial Complex in the West) to do so to profit certain companies and individuals. 

Fulham, and much of humanity, seems content with the notion there is such a thing as a good war, and in the notion of ‘good guys’ in general. This is a consensus view of his generation, and is for many today, but may not reflect the consensus reality of the advanced ETs, who may have decided long ago that war is not only not good, but violence must be avoided at all costs.  Moreover, ‘goodness’ and ‘badness’ are more constructs used to  manipulate people than  a reality that exists as an absolute moral compass. The bottom line is that all war is a manipulation and that the costs of that manipulation is, ultimately, our very humanity.

Interestingly (or to some, outrageously) this avoidance of violence and conflict may be what allows for the Bootes (as Fulham refers to as a faction of the Greys) to be given tacit permission –or at least a nod and a wink –by the Council of Eight (a consortium of ET interests he asserts are protecting and/or overseeing Earth) to conduct abductions.  For in avoiding violence, and one could say in compassion to the Bootes, the Council of Eight (according to Fulham) has allowed the Bootes to abduct people in order to create alien-human hybrids and, hopefully, for the Bootes to survive as a race. 

As mentioned in other posts, this key issue may be what keeps disclosure from happening within our lifetimes, as it may take time to work through the outrage these abductions may engender in the common person. For clearly what the Bootes have done, even on Fulham’s admission, is outside of any notion of the rule of law.  But there may be a higher law at work which we do not yet understand. 

It could also be that the Councils see an interaction between the emotionless Bootes and the (perhaps) overly emotional humans to be mutually beneficial.  This higher law may trump what many on Earth would view as an outrage – but unfortunately we may not be ready for that level of wisdom.

Consensus Reality

Next let’s turn to the idea of consensus reality, as this is where the deeper role of ET influence as outlined in Challenges of Change speaks to us and our notions of human experience. When we live in the world, we commonly believe that we are seeing and experiencing a ‘real’ world that is tangible and objective. In other words, I see the same car as you do, I see the same President Obama as you do. Well, we all know that as for the later, that is definitely not the case; for Obama to one will be a savior and to another a devil.

Moreover, one person may love a certain make and model of car and another will dislike it. So the emotional world we create around an ‘objective’ object at a minimum colors it; and although we may be able to agree that President Obama is six feet tall, we cannot agree that he is a good man.

The consensus reality is that he is six feet tall. We agree on that, and those kinds of ‘facts’ form the basis for a shared experience. If I experienced a seven-foot President Obama and you experienced a three-foot one, we would have to say that we are experiencing different consensus realities.

Why is this important? It is important because to a large degree what we are experiencing in this world is, in my opinion, a shift in the consensus reality, particularly on the level of ‘facts’.  And what that consensus reality is will directly impact the lives of billions of human beings over the course of the next few years. For if we are manipulated into this or that consensus reality, we can and will suffer more or less, depending on the nature of that reality.

It is contingent upon every human that they be aware of their potential role in co-creating a positive choice, and opt for a reality that is the best for both themselves and their fellow human beings. To the extent that a selfless, democratic, compassionate, humanitarian, and enlightened consensus reality unfolds, human life on this planet will suffer less in both the transition, and the eventual realization of, a new world where human beings openly and transparently interact with ET races and interdimensional reality.

ETs Believe We Are Ready

One thing is very clear: the ETs believe that humanity is ready to have their consensus reality changed and for both the reality of ET civilizations, and of multidimensionality, to unfold. How can I say this? It was the ETs that clearly and unambiguously appeared over the Capitol Building in Washington DC in 1952 and made themselves known in a very public way.  It was the ETs who (apparently) reached out to Dwight Eisenhower and the American government. It was the ETs who, on analysis, really have already disclosed themselves to us – at least from their perspective.

Who does not believe we are ready, we must surmise, is the powers that be (PTB). That is the only logical and rational explanation for why we have been kept in the dark for so long. The PTB, in their own analysis, believed, and apparently still do believe, that we are not only not ready, but that any such ‘readiness’ must be manipulated through multi-decade propaganda efforts that ensures that we couch the ET reality in a certain way so as to allow a certain political, social, ethical and religious framework to continue. The real issue is, on analysis, that the PTB cannot accept that we are ready and have been so — at least from the perspective of the ETs (again, based on their behavior) — for over sixty years.

Out of deference to the PTB, the ETs have (apparently) given them breathing room to do what they needed to do. However, the results have not been beneficial, neither for the mental health of humanity at large, nor for the health of the environment, both of which have suffered enormously by the direct or indirect lies told to us for over sixty years regarding this issue.

The ET issue is, in fact, in my mind at the core of many of the environmental, financial, and sociological problems we see today, because if we had dealt with it when the ETs felt we were ready, as opposed to what the PTB believe, we would be in an infinitely better situation.  That said, the negativity of what we are going through, which may increase this decade due to the intransigence of the PTB, may the collective lesson we need to go through in order to thoroughly exorcize the mindset of the PTB that has kept humanity backward for so long.

What is that mindset? It is, at its core, a lack of faith in humanity. From the perspective of the PTBs, we are chattel to be ‘managed’ and not human beings to be trusted, invested in with adequate education, nurtured with adequate food and housing, and seen as the principle foundation of ethics and spirituality for any sustainable society. We are instead seen as cogs to be used by the powerful to gain advantage, wealth, and control. This mindset is not sustainable, it is not ethical, and it is not what we need to focus on to move ourselves, our communities, and our planet forward into the future.

Had Eisenhower and others allowed for the beneficial ET reality that reached out to him in 1952 to unfold, we would not be where we are now.  We would have incorporated more enlightened policies, environmentally friendly technologies, ridden ourselves of nuclear weapons and war, and not gotten into a side deal with the Bootes that allowed them to provide our military with some technology, but also to abduct our citizens.

But that did not happen, and we are not there.

We are instead faced with a plethora of problems from war to financial collapse to the environment. And those are just the problems we know about. Underneath is an enormous issue related to abductions that must be dealt with in order to move us into a healthy relationship with ET reality. In short, our Galactic beginnings are not good.

Is There A Way Out?

According to Challenges of Change, and to subsequent interviews given by Fulham, the short-term prognosis is not good for humanity, because decisions made sixty years ago must now (apparently) play out as the PTB attempt to maintain control. 

Because of an inherently dark view of humanity, our leaders have caught us up in this reality, and we are (supposedly) karmically obligated to play it out with them as long as we adhere to the propaganda and don’t individually and collectively wake up.

Moreover, Earth changes are happening, due in part because we have pumped so much oil out of the ground and as a result may have destabilized the tectonic plates. Again, if we had done the right thing sixty years ago this would not have happened as on the advice of the ET races (or even Jimmy Carter!) we would have moved away from oil.

There are alternatives. The first alternative is for the PTB to simply concede defeat and organize a more enlightened path forward based on a plethora of ideas outside of conventional wisdom, some of which upset their world view, but, ironically, actually posit a more favorable view of the human species.  This path is unlikely, due to the incredible amounts of monied interests behind the control state that they see as necessary to keep humanity on a proverbial leash. Or, if they legitimately believe that such a control mechanism – such as seen through the ramping up of Homeland Security – is necessary, they should come out and explain it in a transparent way that doesn’t insult our intelligence and ask us to actually believe that box cutter terrorists require a multi-billion dollar investment in anti-terror infrastructure, intelligence communities that dwarf anything seen by human civilization to date, and trillion-dollar wars.

The second is for human beings in general to organize and (non-violently) oppose the financial, educational, governmental and other regimes until they come to their senses. This can be done in many ways, including boycotts, protests, debtor strikes, information campaigns, and the like.

Within this mix of alternatives, the ETs have apparently decided to intervene on our behalf. But given the intense propaganda war leveled against ET races, many people will react distrustfully to any ET intervention and see it as a threat, and there are many politicians chomping at the bit to take advantage of this in order to continue to prop up the military industrial complex.

This volatile mix requires enlightened leadership. It requires people individually to look within themselves and act once they recognize that leadership. It requires that enlightened leadership to not wince at the notion that what they will do will be immensely unpopular with the PTB and cause backlash.  

Who is that leadership? It is us. It is you and me.  It is you doing what you can, and doing your best, and listening for calls to action that make sense. And once they make sense, to commit to those calls for action with vigor. Some people, such as Stephen Basset (mentioned below) have laid out such actions. Others need to follow.

The Wild Card

If, and this is a big if, people can wake up en masse and very quickly, there could still be time to avoid some of the more egregious problems we face and come to some kind of reconciliation with the PTB that does not require mass arrests, internment, violence, and social destabilization.

 This is the wild card. Such a movement can form around enlightened leaders such as the Dalai Lama and Aung San Sui Kyi  from a spiritual/political action perspective, and Stephen Basset, Michael Salla, Alfred Webre and Steven Greer from an exopolitical perspective. It can form around others who might step up out of the ranks of the PTB and recognize the insanity we are headed toward and pull out all stops to avoid it.

Disclosure of the ET reality by the US or foreign government would be a first good step. Once that occurs, a transparent and honest discussion of abductions should follow, along with a course of action that is (hopefully) backed up by benevolent ET allies. If a negotiated settlement to the abduction issue can be reached, and politicians maintain some level of self-restraint regarding the issue by taking a somewhat broader view of the situation, perhaps we can unwind the abduction problem with some sense of dignity.

Who I have not mentioned so far is the Pleiadans, who are, according to Fulham, the beneficial race that can broker our transition to ET reality in a relatively compassionate and democratic way, and are who apparently reached out to Eisenhower in the 50’s. I urge the so-called Pleiadans (by that or whatever name they actually possess) to do whatever they can to assist us in a democratic and transparent transition to ET reality that takes into consideration human suffering and does everything in their power to mitigate the negative impact of our move to Galactic Society.

I urge the US government, and those within the US government who have the knowledge and can convey it, to continue to disclose ET information and the reality as they see it. If there is some credible threat from ET races, then explain the threat. In my humble opinion, there is no ET threat, and we are under a protective quarantine as has been suggested by Fulham and others.  Any ET threat is probably as real as the WMDs that Saddam Hussein supposedly had ready to deploy, and the nuclear bombs Iran supposedly is ready to drop on Detroit.

In summary, the ETs feel we are ready for Galactic Reality and to no longer be treated like kindergarteners with regard to our place in the universe. Our leaders must, with some humility, understand that the ETs are right.

Recent events in New York City regarding a mass sighting of UFOs have prompted a new chapter in Exopolitics.  Regardless of the veracity of the claims made by former NORAD officer Stanley Fulham, and his apparently successful prediction of the events of October the 13th in New York City, the fact remains that no credible prediction has been made thus far regarding a mass UFO sighting – that is, one with a resulting positive outcome.  It’s for this reason that people like Alfred Webre, long-time UFO expert and exopolitical proponent, have latched onto the New York event as pivotal.

I’d like to speculate some about the New York event and also about the wider exopolitical debate that is already springing from it. While I haven’t yet read Mr. Fulham’s book, Challenges of Change,  I have listened to interviews given by him and reviews of the book by others.  Suffice it to say I may revise this blog somewhat after I have that chance to read Fulham’s book.

Factions Will Develop

My sense is that this event is laying bare several camps that will likely crystallize out of these large-scale extraterrestrial sightings that have been and will be seen by many people in large metropolitan areas (including New York) in the coming months and years, and will become more and more publicized in the mainstream media.  Many high-profile sightings have in fact taken place in the last year.

The first camp I will call the ‘Sovereign Earth Democrats’ who believe in maintaining Earth Sovereignty and separation from a ‘Galactic Federation’ of any kind, as they see this as an excuse to bring the Earth under One World Government and  a quasi-fascist state.  Many Christians  and fundamentalists will fall under this camp, but also many within the UFO community.

A second group I would call ‘Galactic Federation Proponents’ that overtly support the GF agenda.

The third group I would call ‘Galactic Federation Apologists’ who, while sympathetic to the Sovereign Earth Democrats, probably believe that coming under a Federation umbrella has advantages and is, in fact, inevitable and already decided among High Councils that advise Federation control. Important to the Apologists is that the GF scenario will finally offer the planet a path to a new exopolitical frame, regardless of whether individual freedoms are compromised or not.

First, the technology, intellect and sophistication behind any GF influence and ‘takeover’ of Planet Earth make it highly likely that should such a group or groups decide to annex, influence, colonize or otherwise embed themselves into human society it is entirely within their ability to do so.  We are basically defenseless.  It in fact appears to me this agenda is well under way and actually nearing an end game where Federated authorities will make themselves known to the population at large and formalize publicly their relationship(s) with Earth.  While I had previous doubts as to the timing of this evolution, recent events indicate that we are entering a new phase and in fact will see major changes by 2019, which is the end of the 1982-2019 transition to the Aquarian age, that is, the shift of the Sun’s precession at the Equinox into the constellation Aquarius.

Does this mean that once a Federated Authority fully and publicly asserts itself on this planet that ‘Democratic’ influences will end? I don’t think so. In fact, they may intensify in an effort to show that Humanity has an option and alternative(s) to joining a Federated Umbrella.

Pros and Cons of Federated Authority

The advantages of a relationship with Federated Authorities are several, and include technology, knowledge, resources, security agreements, and so on. The downside is – although not yet clear –  that we could give up of a certain level of individual freedom and a democratic voice when it comes to decisions made for the Federation(s) as a whole. Whether this proves to be true or not is a key element to the acceptance of Galactic reality as presented to Planet Earth.  Still, to the extent that High Council decisions impact the day-to-day lives of individuals, it may be that a GF reality will engender an environment that is less free than what we have known in our lives thus far. The trade-off and answer the GF reality will offer to humanity is a new form of spirituality and other highly attractive life experiences.

In short, to the extent that ‘Free Will’ is a component of any GF or ET reality that asserts itself in the coming years will be a key element of its acceptance by the population at large. But whether or not we have ‘Free Will’ in a Galactic Federation and whether or not we have a democratic voice in the way we do now may be two entirely different questions. Galactic Councils that have existed for thousands of years may not, for example, agree that an 18-year old American from Des Moines should have an equal vote and say with them on matters of Universal importance. While this may upset our democratic sensibilities, we have to prepare for this probable reality.

On the positive side, my sense that life under a Federated Authority, depending on the extent of that influence, will have definitive advantages in terms of access to knowledge and awareness of the wider universe and ability to find meaning within a quasi-spiritual frame. However, that knowledge and spirituality may be colored with the exigencies of the Federation, just as our mainstream media and religions are now colored with the requirements of those in power. The stated desires of the ‘benevolent’ ETs will be compassion and altruism, World Peace, and preservation of the Earth’s biosphere, followed closely by scientific interest – the unstated agenda being commerce, trade and territoriality.

From a technology stand point, the ability to travel across vast distances of space in extraterrestrial craft, visit other worlds as tourists, explore ET cultures, and the like, is highly attractive to those of us with curious minds and an insatiable appetites to explore.  The ability to ‘ugrade’ our intelligence, expand our life spans, elevate our personal power, etc. – all likely offered by a GF reality –will be very attractive to many people.

From a spiritual standpoint, schools of thought that offer training in Unity Consciousness, the Law  of One, Universal Singularity, and so on, will appeal to all of us who seek to end a seemingly eternal conflict within ourselves and our societies. Many will find peace and solace in these new spiritual realities.

Consensus Reality Develops

What should be understood for those interested in some kind of final and ultimate truth, is that level of truth will not necessarily be found within our new ET relationships. What will be found is a new consensus reality. This new consensus reality serves a purpose in that it allows for social cohesion and order.  However, to those genuinely interested in fully enlightened states of spirituality, while initially such a consensus reality will offer new vistas, it could over  time prove limiting to such people. For me, a 140 IQ Earth Human to be making such a statement will cause many a 300 plus IQ ET to laugh in astonishment at my arrogance – even though I may be correct in this assessment. But my point is simple: any social construct will have its limits.

For those people long entrenched in Federated life, questioning the consensus reality is unnecessary and irrelevant, just as those within our current consensus reality on Earth feel the same way.  But again, for those seeking the highest dimensional truths, Federated life may prove ultimately frustrating, although initially liberating.

Partisan Debates Inevitable

As with all partisan debates, partisans will tend to exaggerate the threat of the opponent. ‘Sovereign Earth’ proponents, for example, believe that living under a Federated Umbrella on this Earth – particularly one that takes the shape of some level of World Government – is tantamount to living under Hitler.  I disagree, although I sympathize with their sentiments. The truth is that the advantage of any reality as shaped by ET Federated Authorities is that it will most likely be peaceful and environmentally sustainable.  Moreover, it is our Elites that most likely pose the biggest issue for us short-term, and not the ETs, as it is the Elites who will want to shape the GF frame in their own image and may pull out all stops in order to do so.  But if Mr. Fulham’s consensus reality unfolds, while we have a bumpy ride short-term, if we can get our local economic and leadership act together we will end up with a cleaner environment and perhaps even World Peace as a result. There are no aliens beating the war drums here, although some ETs have apparently put forward a colonizing agenda.

The most recent attempt to ‘colonize’ Earth was by the Verdants (apparently a faction of the so-called ‘Greys’), an effort apparently thwarted by another group or groups, and one that left Earth’s expolitical status in limbo since 2001. It could be, in fact, that 9/11 may have been part of a plan to stop that colonization by factions in the US government.  Further, the rather rigid and emotionless attitude of the Verdants, combined with the fact that they apparently did not have High Council approval to follow through with their colonial ambitions, likely led to their failure.

My sense is that the groups that thwarted this attempt are the same (probably humanoid and apparently benign) groups behind Fulham’s prediction, which by no small coincidence occurred in New York, well-known for pivotal events of 9-11.  This group apparently does have the approval of High Councils to move forward.  However, it must be stated that some among the ‘Sovereign Earth Democrats’ do and will continue to believe that Mr. Fulham’s predictions reflect a Government-backed attempt to mold a New World Order under the ruse of an ET relationship. These people contend that Fulham is being duped by a channeler that is under shadow government control in a ‘Project Bluebeam’ (fake Alien intervention or attack) program.

Should We Fear Attack?

My sense is that the ‘Alien Invasion’ scenario so popularized by Hollywood films is highly unlikely to take place, and if staged in a ‘Project Bluebeam’ (fake alien invasion) scenario would fail — unless (and this is important) it is a joint operation between the ETs and the Earth governments.

Regardless, it seems that ET’s – even the Verdants – tend to be much more covert and subtle in their strategies, and work much more on the level of influence than of violence. Thus any ‘Project Bluebeam’ – particularly if co-sponsored by ETs and Earth Governments — will be more psyops in nature than overt aggression.   In fact, on analysis it appears that aggression, violence, anger, enmity, and so on, appear to have long been worked out of the collective DNA of advanced ET societies and the kind of aggressive wars waged by humankind is seen as patently unevolved. For this we can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Advanced ETs do, however, apparently have mixed feelings about individual ‘freedom’ should that freedom lead to environmental collapse, oligarchic capitalism, exploitation and so on, as has been so well demonstrated on this planet.  Some of my own lucid dreaming has indicated certain trepidation to our version of democracy when viewed by at least some ET elders who would in fact probably agree more with Plato’s Republic than with Thomas Jefferson in terms of  what constitutes ideal government.  I return again to my example of the 18 year-old from Des Moines being seen as having equal voting rights with a thousand-year old, experience-ripened High Council member in the GF.

For this reason I’ve come to believe that Federated realities are very likely much more Social Democracies as seen in Europe or even the Communism as seen in China than the ‘democracy’ we see in the United States – itself having very much having devolved into farce. Am I saying the GF would not support democracy? Not necessarily. They just may support it on the local and community level, but not on the Galactic, where Councils make the decisions and give the advice from the top-down.  In my opinion, a somewhat more democratic China could well fit into Federated authority and China, should it democratize, could find itself being the main interface between the Earth and GF powers.

As for any ‘Space War’ with the Aliens, again, I find that highly unlikely. For one, it is apparent from recent revelations by Military Personnel that ET’s don’t  approve of nuclear weapons and will go out of their way to dismantle them. The message to humanity was quite clear: do not use your nuclear weapons,  and if you decide to , we will shut them down.  They gave this message without harming anyone physically and in fact left the equipment itself intact. Do we need a clearer message?

All of this does not mean that the Democratic ideals purveyed by many ‘Sovereign Earth’ proponents in the UFO community are ‘wrong’ and that the GF is ‘right’.  Far from it.  It is really a choice, both collective and individual.  For individuals seeking enlightenment in non-duality, meaning the enlightenment as seen by the Yogis, Buddhas and Christs of the present and past, no society, whether that be our own, or that of a Federation of ET races, offers such a reality – or it would be transcended regardless. Only the individual meditative consciousness can achieve such a goal, as far as I know, although certainly some groups (such as the Mayans) apparently seem to have been able to transcend to alternate dimensions en masse.

The universe is apparently full of ET races that live outside of Federated Authorities. We may find, in fact, that while initially we are under a Federated state, that eventually we split off from such an arrangement, much as the United States split from Europe after colonization. While this process may take hundreds of years, it could eventually happen.

As for Mr. Fulham’s version of ET reality, it tends to support the myth of 9/11 that our government provides, but that concession may be a trade-off.  To the Democratic Sovereign Earth proponents, this will be a key element of their argument against any ET reality – whether Stan Fulham’s or others that we see in the near future – that tries to foist itself as the mass, consensus reality that this planet adheres to.  The Democrats will ask: if the ETs support the powers-that-be, and can’t allow us to question the (apparent) issues with 9/11 (among other lies and misdeeds) how can we trust them? So will go the argument.

How We React Our Important Choice

I believe that any ‘war’ some of our leaders may have waged thus far with the GF is close to lost and that a level of world government will be likely formed with the GF group behind Fulham’s predictions.  We need to prepare, I believe, for a Federated Reality and accept  it. The only caveat to this is whether or not their are competitors to this scenario (ie., like the Verdants) and whether or not this devolves into some kind of open conflict.

In short, world government is on its way and likely in conjunction with a Federated ET reality.  For those wishing to regroup and fight for Sovereign values, there may be a chance, short-term , to shift the tide, but these people need to bear in mind the overwhelming reach of the Federated Authorities and likely outcome of their struggle.  Moreover, that struggle may be energy misplaced.

Truth be told, as already stated, the real battle may not be against the ETs, but our own Elites who want to maintain control and serve as liaisons between the masses and Galactic Reality.  ETs may be tolerant of an array of arrangements, as long as certain requirements are met vis-a-vis nuclear arms and the environment.  The shape and form of our government(s) will be very important to Earth populations, but probably less so to ETs, although certainly they will support (perhaps covertly) agendas they find more in line with their belief systems.

Because of this, it is important to be aware of our options and fight for the most democratic, aware, educated, fair and enlightened Earth society we can.  This is our gift to ourselves and the children that will follow us.

As for spirituality, my advice is to seek individual enlightenment. That would be true a hundred or a thousand years ago, and remains true now.  If it is your interest, seek to be free from illusion and duality. Seek Enlightenment and the teachers thereof. There you will find the final answer and an end to struggle. Still, some may find that Enlightenment in joining with the GF, others in fighting it or the Elites who purport to represent GF reality. I for one have always tried to side with the proponents of social justice. Thus is the nature of individual truth. Look deep within, for you may need to make a choice very soon.