Guru Purnima

August 4, 2015

Take Heart, Disciples!

Take Heart, disciples and listen carefully
to the words of this lay practitioner,kalachakra
without title or lineage,
one of humble origins,
for Truth is at hand.

Understand, then, these brief insights,
conveyed from the heart essence of the matter,
which we jointly seek.

Behold, the Truth is at hand!

Understand, then, and do no disparage yourself,
for in doing so you taint the pure heart essence,
that is your very nature.

Rejoice instead in the innate perfection of all things.

For this insight analysis, offered humbly,
provides the following words,
offered like petals to the wind.

Know then, that reality is neither this nor that.

Ponder this paradox, seeing then that systems,
answers, and the precious dharma itself,
must by necessity be without form or shape.

Findable by metaphor only.

Understand that compassion arises as a result,
of the profound awareness, arising in secret,
thus apprehended,
can only be conveyed in dark rooms from one
lay disciple to the next.

For behold, the precious teacher is neither
the answer nor not the answer.

For the precious teacher can only lead you
to the trough, but cannot drink for you.

Thus are the teachers both indispensable,
and yet cannot provide the final answer.

Disparaging yourself will do nothing to
forward you to the goal.

Love yourself, for  you are the pure heart essence.

The heart essence, being by its very nature,
unfindable and unknowable, yet simultaneously
findable and knowable when pondering its very

It is this fundamental paradox that confuses
the lay disciple,
forcing them back into the refuge of the

Ponder this for a moment,
share with me the heart essence.

Thus it is.

Reality, being unknowable and uncreated,
cannot be found by the logical mind.

Endlessly analyzing, each analysis brings up and
empty answer.

Grasping, finally, that it is this empty answer that
is the heart essence of the quest.

For in not finding, the disciple realizes too that
this not finding is not the answer to their question.

That the questioning itself is the answer,
that the endless analysis leads to suchness.

This  suchness, the result of the equipoise between
the question that provides no answer and the
realization of its emptiness, is the fruit itself.

Offering only metaphors, the countless and compassionate
teachers, provide a refuge from that ultimate
realization, until in confidence the disciple
is ready to grasp the heart essence and accept
their own divinity.

Take heart, rejoice!

Enlightenment is surely the result of your quest,
for it is at hand.

It is, in fact, in front of your very eyes.

For the apparent impurity is itself the heart of the matter,
as equally pure as the highest Buddhafield,
where the countless bodhisattvas reside in meditative bliss.

Behold! It is in front of your very eyes!

It is this heart essence, this impossibility, that by letting
go of the grasping to the idea of the duality of things,
that the disciple finally accepts the one taste of
existence itself.

Rejoice, the question is answered!

The heart essence of the matter is thus:

Remember that the suchness cannot be tainted
by knowing or not knowing;
that the isness of reality simply resides
in the equipoise between the question and its
impossible answer.

Take heart, do not be discouraged!

Ponder instead that the infinite compassion of the
Buddhas arises from the impossibility of
their task.

And thus with inexhaustible compassion,
They arise from the emptiness,
to provide the answer without answering.

Do not disparage,
for these words should not destroy your faith,
but rather provide infinite bliss,
in the final resolution to  your question that
has no answer.

For in having no answer, it also has an answer.

Thus in equipoise between not being this nor that,
the disciple meditates in perfect insight,
resting in the suchness,
being eternally grateful for the teachers
who teach nothing and  yet everything.

For the disciple, who ultimately cannot find
the answer through the guru,
and to the guru who is indispensable
to finding the answer.

For the compassion of the guru,
conveys the heart essence of the matter,
in pith instruction.

Rejoice, take heart!

For you have found what you sought.

Behold, it is your very nature!

And thus has it always been so.

The above was written to commemorate the Guru Purnima Festival on July 31st, 2015. The student humbly offers the following words of encouragement to the lay practitioner that they might take hope that their efforts will bear fruit.


The Great Symbol

June 2, 2013

The Great Symbol,
resplendent, everywhere,
the totality of what is.

Uncreated mind, manifested in analogy, thegreatsymbol
an idea, a thought, a gesture.

The Totality, moving into the light,
then into the dark,
then seeing the light in the dark,
from light to light.

From light to light,
uncreated, changing in name,
seeing the hater and the hatred,
loving all the same.

In paradox, paradise,
breath withdrawn,
there is no other.

The Great Symbol,
held in mind,
is the mandala of all things.

Global Protests in July

July 15, 2012

From the 2012 Scenario:

A compilation of global protests, news of which is not always making it to the mainstream.


I have one suggestion for confusing times:

Look within, feel love.

From that love, decide what is right or wrong.

Feel confident in what you decide.

Feel your true being; do not be distracted.

This could all be a hall of mirrors, a ruse.

Or absolute innocence.

Or maybe both.

All derived from your own mind.

Look within, feel love.

Love beyond conception.

There you will find the truth.

Prophesy Theme: Dune

June 27, 2012

This Vajra Mind

June 25, 2012

Oh indestructible, glorious mind,
like a diamond, unbroken.

The final refuge,
without you,
there is no solace.

And yet your secret, so subtle,
eludes most.

This Vajra Mind cannot be found.

If they ridicule you,
cast stones,
accuse you of this or that.

This Vajra Mind cannot be found.

If they lift you up,
heap praise upon praise,
and every reward is yours.

This Vajra Mind cannot be found.

Look, there you are,
famous, a star!

This Vajra Mind cannot be found.

Oh, no, unfortunate one!
Your love has left,
your coffers empty!

This Vajra Mind cannot be found.

Not finding you,
all that is left is your naked reality,
freed from conceptions.

Not finding you,
all that can be found,
or not found,
is attained in an instant.

Oh blessed, Highest Self,
I bow before you.
For you, and you alone,
have shown me:

This Vajra Mind cannot be found.

For the past two weeks every time I sit down to meditate, daydream, doing, or not doing, a strong message comes through. The words are:




May 19, 2012

If I have done anything,
it is because of you.

You, who are the source of me,
I can run from you no longer.

My mind, convinced,
surrenders to the inevitability of divinity.

In the vastness,
the potential that is always present,
arises from me in pregnant pause.

The breath, caught, perfect focus, and letting go.

The heart, arising into purity,
bliss never-ending.

The world, always perfect, never flawed.

I surrender to you, perfection,
for I cannot escape you.

You beckon me toward myself,
but forever were always here.

A gift, a moment, alone and changeless,
yet always spinning into change.

This dance, this world, these stars, this galaxy, this universe.

Beauty, so beautiful.

We will continue, for we have always been.


The World Is The Way

February 25, 2012

Compassion arises naturally,
when suffering  is recognized as universal.

For in the great expanse of time and space,
all beings suffer.

In recognition of one’s own Voidness,
the refuge of absence precedes liberation.

Yet even if liberated, delusion persists, and thus suffering.

Compassion leads to commitment,
when suffering is recognized as resolute.

Determined to have its way,
by insistence on selfhood,
misery weaves its way through time and space,
creating an urgent call to act.

This is the way of the world – the world is the way.

To ease the suffering of friend and foe alike,
this is the Bodhisattva’s path.