The Real

May 2, 2010

What is Real?  Reality is, at its essence, a void.  The void is without end, and it expands forever from its center in the nature of bliss.  The bliss that expands from the center of the void is filled with light.  The bliss continues to move through the void forever.

The Real is everywhere and nowhere; its center is within everything.  How?  Because it is infinite it is everywhere; because it is infinite its center is central to everything.  It is everywhere, at once, and is at the center of every reality, every being, every thought, every grain of sand, every galaxy, every universe.  It can be as large as everything, yet as small as nothing, for that is its nature; it is not limited by size, shape, context, relationship, or thought.

There are no words to adequately describe the Real, for it is what it is without definition.  It sees only itself, therefore it cannot define an other.  Itself is infinite, like a vacuum, a clear and expansive sky with no limit, and the limitlessness is palpable, made known to the observer of itself that its nature is infinite, as if that was the primary message to itself in the very realization of itself.

The Real, when revealed to the observer, cannot be denied. It cannot be denied nor can it be shaken; once realized, it is forever fixed in the mind of the observer.  Once realized, the nature of illusion fades, as one knows with resolute certainty the reality of things, and can distinguish between reality and illusion.  Moreover, one sees that illusion is in itself composed of reality, and that they are one; for if the Real is infinite, it encompasses all things, even illusion.  It is separate from nothing, including its own attempt to delude itself as the observer moves through time and space and creates reality after reality, dimension after dimension, unending and infinite in its potentiality.


2 Responses to “The Real”

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