The Ego

May 5, 2010

The World of Form and of the Ego is the world of distinction between things.  It is the reality of naming things this and that, and of believing that what is observed is separate from oneself.  It is a world where the Real has not been observed, nor is it necessarily desired to be observed. It is a world where one actually believes that things are separate and distinct and have in and of themselves an inherent reality.  It is a world where inherent reality is made to exist through mankind’s persistent and stubborn adherence to the definition of self as separate from the Real.

From the separation of the self from the Real all of the things of man proceed.  For because mankind perceives itself as separate, there is what is observed and what is perceived to be one’s self, one’s ego.  The ego—the peception of the self as separate from reality—begins a process of illusory thinking in order, primarily, to protect its fragile existence from the realization of how fragile it is.  For if men and women realized how fragile their existence was, they would ponder that fragility, for they would be aware that they are mortal, and that life is fleeting and precious. But men and women believe they are immortal, that they will live forever as an ego—and creates myths specifically to sustain this idea, including the most pervasive myth of an immortal soul that is unique and independent from other immortal souls, and from God.  It is from this illusory notion and the myths used to sustain it that all sorts of suffering springs out onto the world.

Men and women create systems, hierarchies, modes of being, religions, wars, nations, laws, status, celebrity, desire for this and aversion for that— all in the name of the ego that must be sustained in its fragile hold.

The primary function and the fundamental freedom of the ego is its ability to choose.  The ego, by choosing, decides what is right and wrong, good and evil, moral and immoral.  It decides what course to take, where to go at each moment.  The primary function of the ego relative to the Real is to realize that it is perceiving in an illusory fashion and to lead the observer back to the Real.  Unless the ego does this, the ego is not living up to its potential, but only  sustaining the illusion that allows its fragile hold to continue.

The proper or ripe ego understands that its primary function is a caretaker to the observer of the Real; that once the ego is awake to the Real that the ego must enter into a life of service to the Real—for the Real, once awakened to, cannot be denied.

The ego on its path will attempt at all costs to protect the observer from the Real in that it believes, in delusion, that the Real is a threat to the ego’s existence.  But the Real is existence, and cannot threaten anything because it already is everything.  The ego is already part of the Real, and once the Real is awakened to this can no longer be denied.  However, what is threatened is the hold that illusion has on the observer; that is threatened by the Real, although that illusion is also part of the Real.


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