May 8, 2010

Illusion is the freedom of the observer to do what it wants, including forgetting what it is.  As the observer wanders the expanse of time and space, dreaming reality in constant play, the Real is extant in all creation.  The observer, entranced in the consciousness of bliss, creates the worlds and universes from the stuff of time and space, moving the winds of time and space and shaping and molding stars, planets, worlds, universes.

The observer and what it creates are not inherently real, for the observer is an illusion, dreaming and creating things in bliss from the void; all things are in essence of this void and therefore only exist in potentiality until collapsed into apparent reality.  The bliss perceived by the observer is not inherently real, because it exists only as an attempt to fill the void with itself, which it cannot—the observer’s bliss too only exists in potentiality.  The consciousness of bliss moving through the void makes both the void and bliss perceivable and what brings their description into apparent reality; perception, therefore, arises from a conscious observer, which itself is in essence a void.  This is why the observer is called illusory; for the primordial reality is that the Real is void and blissful in such a way that it is not perceived as separate from itself and cannot be described or experienced in an absolute sense by the relative mind, but only in non-dual meditation.  Such a meditation has been called Nirvana.  Any other reality is illusory and relative, existing only in that the observer makes it real.

Any perceived reality, including yours, is created by this single observer, who has dreamed itself into being.  We are all that observer whose consciousness arose spontaneously from the Real.  We never really experienced this dream; we only appeared to be men and women.  We only appeared to exist.


2 Responses to “Illusion”

  1. Liz Johns Says:

    You said “the only actual reality is that the Real is void and blissful … and cannot be described or experienced.”

    Don’t you think the ‘Real’ CAN be experienced through meditation? (My assumption is that when you refer to ‘Real’ you mean the Absolute Intelligence or God.)

    • Thanks for your comment. I meant that reality, once experienced or perceived, is relative. What I term the ‘Real’ is the void, beyond experience in an absolute sense (please see post on this). In this definition, God is also an illusion. This is what the Buddha would say: nothing absolutely exists. Things only exist in relationship to other things and that reality is ’empty’. Personally, I’m trying to reconcile Buddha’s ’empty’ with the Hindu ‘Atman’ or primordial existence/consciousness/bliss – Sat/Chit/Ananda. I’m also trying to reconcile the Buddhist belief that there is no Absolute Creator God with the belief in a Creator. Perhaps we are all that Creator, and also primordially empty, without inherent existence. Can we experience the Real in meditation? I have had experiences of absorption that I believe are that, or border on that, but can one know? The very claim of knowing brings us into the world of relative ego. But we all must reach a stage where we embrace our own enlightenment. For I believe we are all, at the core, enlightened already. My own experience with the ‘Real’ — relative as it was — was not in meditation but in a dream. It was so overwhelming it has been with me since then. Still, as Christians would say, I died and was reborn from that moment on. That experience, as well as my love for the teachers, is why I am writing this blog – in service and respect it, to those teachers, and to you, who are that reality.

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