Dream of Eternity

June 3, 2010

I had gone to see Rinpoche with some other students.  We had participated in a Guru Rinpoche (Padma Sambhava) empowerment.  At the end of the ceremony, we all lined up and received a blessing.

That night, at home, I meditated.  I could feel a ripening.  Many images flashed before me.  It was as if I was cycling through a series of impressions.

In my dream, stars wrapped around me.  I looked at my body.  My body itself was made of stars and galaxies.  I whirled in this reality.  As I whirled and rolled, thousands of stars and galaxies moved the motion of my star body.

I looked at my hand.  Like grains of sand, galaxies and stars permeated and were the very skin of my body.

This poem expresses who I felt like in that dream:

I am the sun and the moon
The beginning and the end
All things do I contain;
All things are of me.
My body is the winds of time,
My  mind perceives only eternity.

I turn and turn and turn,
a whirling blur of ecstatic sight.
Through the turning of this star body,
All worlds are created for your delight;
Do you see?
For your delight.


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