Having sought the mind,
it is not found; look for it,
nowhere is it nameable.
Wondrous is this!

From that mind nothing arises
No concepts, no desires.
Wondrous is this!

The unconceived mind,
unassailable it is.
It cannot be judged
It stands apart.
Wondrous is this!

The uncreated mind,
is within all you see.
For sheer logic,
revealing the naked mind
reveals that it must be everywhere.
Wondrous is this!

There is no seeker,
nor anything to be sought.
As the Master says,
realize this,
and the goal is reached.
Wondrous is this!

Inspired by ‘The Great Liberation’ by Padma Sambhava.  See post here.


I just finished 11 days at the Kalachakra for World Peace with the Dalai Lama and wanted to share with you some information.

After the event, I had a dream about the Dalai Lama. In the dream he was trying to give a teaching, in the form of a document, to a few people. None of the people seemed to want to accept the teaching.

He looked at me. I said I would accept the teaching.  He continued to look at me intensely. A clear, shining light emitted from his eyes into mine. He whole face was lit up in light. And then he was laughing, and I was laughing. There was nothing but joy.

A couple of days later, I found this teaching by Padma Sambhava titled ‘The Great Liberation’. This particular translation was done in 1936.

For those interested, I share this practice and suggest the following meditation:

  1. Feeling gratitude for being alive in this amazing and wonderful time when this teaching has been revealed
  2. Feeling gratitude for the various teachers of the various times
  3. Reflecting, as stated in the text, on how mind is uncreated
  4. Reflecting, as the text also describes, on  how all of what we consider ‘reality’ is conceptual
  5. Understanding, as stated in the text, that we are all of one mind – that separation is an illusion
  6. Understanding, as also stated, that reality cannot be found outside of your own mind
  7. Imagining light permeating your entire being – the One Mind
  8. After performing this practice (or a variation you derive based on the text) regularly, I suggest performing compassionate activity, on whatever level you find comfortable and whatever way you find inspiring. Take compassion into the world.

This teaching was meant for this age, and can be practiced by anyone, regardless of standing. It is what is known as ‘natural enlightenment’.

To sum up, you can reflect on this:

There is no duality. There is only One Mind. I am that One Mind. Everything I see around me is a concept. There is nothing but this One Mind that transcends all reality. When I observe, I observe this mind. Since mind is uncreated, what I see around me is uncreated; it only seems to be substantial and real. It is like a dream. It is like a rainbow. Wondrous is this.

The views presented by Padma Sambhava are in the text here.  The first 25 pages are so are the crux of the teaching.  Given its brevity, the text can be read and meditated upon before going to sleep.

As for my own experience with One Mind, please see the post here.  To  me, this is the ‘sky symbol’ as mentioned in the Padma Sambhava text.

Many people can reach liberation through this teaching. This is its promise. Please help make that promise come true.