Song To The Uncreated Mind

July 26, 2011

Having sought the mind,
it is not found; look for it,
nowhere is it nameable.
Wondrous is this!

From that mind nothing arises
No concepts, no desires.
Wondrous is this!

The unconceived mind,
unassailable it is.
It cannot be judged
It stands apart.
Wondrous is this!

The uncreated mind,
is within all you see.
For sheer logic,
revealing the naked mind
reveals that it must be everywhere.
Wondrous is this!

There is no seeker,
nor anything to be sought.
As the Master says,
realize this,
and the goal is reached.
Wondrous is this!

Inspired by ‘The Great Liberation’ by Padma Sambhava.  See post here.


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