The Mirror

November 4, 2011

The disciple approached the Master,
who, sitting in meditation, was still.

Opening his eyes, the Master nodded.

The disciple asked, ‘Please describe to me the nature of reality’.

The Master, pointing to a mirror at the side of the room, said:
‘Go to that mirror, and look at your face’.

The disciple did just that.

‘Tell me, how do you perceive your face without the mirror?’

The disciple shook his head and looked back to the Master: ‘I cannot perceive my face without the mirror’.

‘Exactly’, said the Master. ‘Reality is the mirror through which the Infinite perceives’.

The disciple  looked back into the mirror.

‘Your life is one of the faces of the Infinite,’ said the Master, who then smiled. ‘That is the nature of reality’.


One Response to “The Mirror”

  1. John Archer Says:

    Very beautiful. Thanks for this.

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