The Multidimensional Frame explores the new possibilities of living in a multidimensional world.

This blog is a collection of thoughts and ideas about subjects I have studied in one way or another all my adult life and how I believe we are moving into a new reality where what was considered ‘exceptional’ will become the norm.

Many now speak of multiple dimensions: physicists, exopolitical writers, new age philosophers, systems thinkers and others.  Many also believe in the reality of the word “enlightenment”; religions and philosophies have formed around it; countries founded in its name; wars fought in its defense; people inspired and fulfilled on account of it; countless others left in disappointment at its doorsteps – some having found its true meaning and lifted into the pantheon of the Enlightened, others left as students to forever wonder at the nature of its elusive reality.  Many of my experiences in meditation have indicated to me that there is a commonality between the new multidimensional paradigm and the ancient texts; that there is no contradiction, and that we can learn from both and take the best of both forward into the future.

While I make no special claims regarding knowledge of multidimensionality or enlightenment, I have studied its words and the people who have brought its meaning to us.  I have also had many direct mystical experiences, both in the presence of great teachers and in the expanse of awareness.

I bring these experiences and learnings to you in this blog, to the extent that I can, with the hope you can learn from it, and that I can continue to learn as I write it.  For I continue to be a student of enlightenment, of reality as expressed in multiple dimensions, and of love.

Namkha Dhudel, 2010


One Response to “About”

  1. Za Says:

    Your site is very interesting. I would like to invite you to read the messages I am receiving.
    Good will to all good people of Earth, changes are coming soon.

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