May 29, 2010

It is likely, if not inevitable, that we will be introduced en masse to new civilizations outside of our own planet in the coming years.  How and when this will take place one can only conjecture.

Civilizations – whether ours or that of an outside world – do not, as a rule, lead to enlightenment, but are rather mechanisms of social order.  The tension of this fact may in fact have led to the dissolution of Tibet in the previous century.  The tension between the requirements of nations and civilization and of individual enlightenment often, at some point, conflict.

It could be that as we are introduced to advanced civilizations that some people become dejected and depressed.  Humanity as a whole may feel, and understand, the way American Indians and Tibetans have felt in the past as they were subsumed by a more dominant force.  To a large extent, the kind of civilization(s) we attract could be up to us.  By our intentions we shall manifest our collective desires.  Still, depending on the nature and tenor of the civilization(s) we encounter some may or may not like what they see and cling to the past.   Given an entirely new paradigm, others will abandon old forms and seek a path toward spirituality that can account for and accept a new, multi-dimensional outlook based as much on physics as religion.  This can be exciting and liberating.

In this new outlook – this new multidimensional framework – what can stay with us is a belief in the commonality of love across the cosmos.  To the extent that a civilization leads us toward love and does not commodify us into cogs in the wheels of corporate civilization, perhaps we can embrace the new vistas provided to us.

While in the past we needed images of Gods and Goddesses to allow us a window into pure dimensions of light, these dimensions will prove to be the very stuff of daily existence. The pure visions of galaxies, stars and planets, whirling in their constant flux in our masterful, diamond existence, will be our new Gods and Goddesses that can replace or co-exist with the old.  The play of this light becomes our own play, whether that through technology or through the mind.  Ultimately, technology is only a means to see that we in fact only need the mind to move and shape the worlds that we have created.  Ultimately, the worlds that we have created are illusory; we are a single observer of reality.  Ultimately, we are a non-dual voidness that is infinite.

We need compassion for ourselves and for others as we move into this new multi-dimensional age.  Depending on how the future evolves, both near and long term, many people could suffer during this transition.  Firmly rooted in compassion, we can help each other and provide inspiration and hope. Firmly rooted in compassion, we can seek universal peace for the expanded exo-community we find ourselves within.   This is what you can offer to the cosmos – what could be better?