The Great Symbol

June 2, 2013

The Great Symbol,
resplendent, everywhere,
the totality of what is.

Uncreated mind, manifested in analogy, thegreatsymbol
an idea, a thought, a gesture.

The Totality, moving into the light,
then into the dark,
then seeing the light in the dark,
from light to light.

From light to light,
uncreated, changing in name,
seeing the hater and the hatred,
loving all the same.

In paradox, paradise,
breath withdrawn,
there is no other.

The Great Symbol,
held in mind,
is the mandala of all things.


I have one suggestion for confusing times:

Look within, feel love.

From that love, decide what is right or wrong.

Feel confident in what you decide.

Feel your true being; do not be distracted.

This could all be a hall of mirrors, a ruse.

Or absolute innocence.

Or maybe both.

All derived from your own mind.

Look within, feel love.

Love beyond conception.

There you will find the truth.

Prophesy Theme: Dune

June 27, 2012

This Vajra Mind

June 25, 2012

Oh indestructible, glorious mind,
like a diamond, unbroken.

The final refuge,
without you,
there is no solace.

And yet your secret, so subtle,
eludes most.

This Vajra Mind cannot be found.

If they ridicule you,
cast stones,
accuse you of this or that.

This Vajra Mind cannot be found.

If they lift you up,
heap praise upon praise,
and every reward is yours.

This Vajra Mind cannot be found.

Look, there you are,
famous, a star!

This Vajra Mind cannot be found.

Oh, no, unfortunate one!
Your love has left,
your coffers empty!

This Vajra Mind cannot be found.

Not finding you,
all that is left is your naked reality,
freed from conceptions.

Not finding you,
all that can be found,
or not found,
is attained in an instant.

Oh blessed, Highest Self,
I bow before you.
For you, and you alone,
have shown me:

This Vajra Mind cannot be found.

For the past two weeks every time I sit down to meditate, daydream, doing, or not doing, a strong message comes through. The words are:




May 19, 2012

If I have done anything,
it is because of you.

You, who are the source of me,
I can run from you no longer.

My mind, convinced,
surrenders to the inevitability of divinity.

In the vastness,
the potential that is always present,
arises from me in pregnant pause.

The breath, caught, perfect focus, and letting go.

The heart, arising into purity,
bliss never-ending.

The world, always perfect, never flawed.

I surrender to you, perfection,
for I cannot escape you.

You beckon me toward myself,
but forever were always here.

A gift, a moment, alone and changeless,
yet always spinning into change.

This dance, this world, these stars, this galaxy, this universe.

Beauty, so beautiful.

We will continue, for we have always been.


The World Is The Way

February 25, 2012

Compassion arises naturally,
when suffering  is recognized as universal.

For in the great expanse of time and space,
all beings suffer.

In recognition of one’s own Voidness,
the refuge of absence precedes liberation.

Yet even if liberated, delusion persists, and thus suffering.

Compassion leads to commitment,
when suffering is recognized as resolute.

Determined to have its way,
by insistence on selfhood,
misery weaves its way through time and space,
creating an urgent call to act.

This is the way of the world – the world is the way.

To ease the suffering of friend and foe alike,
this is the Bodhisattva’s path.

A Message For All Of Humanity

December 28, 2011

This video shows a speech given by Charlie Chaplin at the end of his film ‘The Great Dictator’.  The speech is incredibly prescient and speaks to us today much more than it did to audiences during his time. It’s as if he really meant the speech for us, now, as we enter what will likely be a very tumultuous 2012, and as our leaders attempt to ramp up yet another war in the Middle East.

Please view and share this important video.


November 30, 2011

Because the mind is uncreated and unborn,
One can be freed from mental extremes and the law of opposites.

Because mental extremes and opposites are reconciled,
One can be freed from conceptualization.

When conceptualization is seen as illusory,
One can be freed to understand the individual perceiver is absent.

When one understands the individual perceiver is absent,
The at-one-ment, ‘isness’ and light of pure being is understood.

Because the at-one-ment, ‘isness’ and light of pure being is understood,
In unending bliss, consciousness is liberated from the cycles of time.