May 19, 2012

If I have done anything,
it is because of you.

You, who are the source of me,
I can run from you no longer.

My mind, convinced,
surrenders to the inevitability of divinity.

In the vastness,
the potential that is always present,
arises from me in pregnant pause.

The breath, caught, perfect focus, and letting go.

The heart, arising into purity,
bliss never-ending.

The world, always perfect, never flawed.

I surrender to you, perfection,
for I cannot escape you.

You beckon me toward myself,
but forever were always here.

A gift, a moment, alone and changeless,
yet always spinning into change.

This dance, this world, these stars, this galaxy, this universe.

Beauty, so beautiful.

We will continue, for we have always been.